Benefits of CBD topicals

Types of CBD Topicals & Their Uses

CBD topicals are the perfect alternative for those individuals who prefer not to ingest or vape cannabidiol to derive its many potential benefits.

Used topically, these products can be applied directly to the part of your body that most needs attention, bypassing the digestive system and going straight to work. Although more research is needed to confirm potential health benefits, users across the United States report a variety of positive results.

Benefits of CBD topicals

Skin Benefits of CBD Topicals

One of the most popular uses of topical cannabidiol products involves the skin. Lotions, balms, ointments, rubs, bath gels and lip balms are just a few of the options you can choose.

As support for dry skin, chapped lips and a variety of other conditions, CBD products are extremely popular. You can purchase these products or, if you prefer, you can add your own CBD oils or tinctures to your favorite lotions. You can also apply CBD oil directly to your skin or add it to the bath.

Topical CBD for Health Support

Medical News Today published a list of recent studies addressing the possibility that CBD products could support individuals who suffer from arthritis and inflammation. Healthline also published an overview of the current research, supporting Topical CBD benefits for a variety of conditions including acne.

Some users report finding relief from headaches, muscle aches and even carpal tunnel discomfort. Eczema, rashes and skin irritation may benefit from using topical CBD products, with some users swearing by these products to calm the itch of mosquito bites and the pain of sunburn.

Choosing & Using CBD Topicals

Before applying any topical cannabidiol product, wash your hands and clean the area where you plan to apply the product. This will help prevent contamination of the CBD product and clear the way for maximum benefit.

Wash your hands after applying the product, as other ingredients could be irritating to your eyes or other sensitive areas of the body.

Choosing the best CBD topicals requires care and research. Because these products have become so popular and so in-demand, many lesser quality products have begun to pop up in the marketplace.

Consider finding a locally owned and operated shop in your area. That way, you can talk with the owners or staff to help determine which products are right for you.

In the Salt Lake City area, Koodegras has two convenient locations, in Sandy and Millcreek. Our friendly, helpful staff is always on-hand to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible. We have carefully chosen our products for their quality and purity, and we have a variety of products for you to choose from.

Stop by either of our convenient northern Utah locations – we’re open seven days a week! – and let us introduce you to the wonderful world of CBD topicals.

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