impact combining CBD alcohol

Impact of Combining CBD and Alcohol, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the interactions between CBD and alcohol. While research on these combinations is limited to this point, there’s enough information that we have a good idea of several important results and common effects.

At Koodegras, we’re proud to offer not only a variety of CBD products, from CBD oils to pain management topicals, gel capsules and more – but we’re also here to help inform and educate our clients on CBD, which is a new discovery for many of them. Much of part one focused on the interactions between alcohol and CBD; today’s part two will dig into some potential benefits of this interaction in terms of limiting alcohol’s negative effects, plus a final word on whether the two should be mixed intentionally.

impact combining CBD alcohol

Alcohol Hangovers and Withdrawal

For one, CBD has shown significant potential to limit the effects of alcohol, particularly negative ones like hangovers. Limited research has shown that it may lower blood alcohol content, for one, and its antioxidant properties makes it ideal for hangover symptoms like headaches, nausea and increased blood pressure.

Relatedly, CBD may even provide benefits alleviating alcohol withdrawals in those experiencing them, likely due to the way it limits liver toxicity from alcohol. More research is needed to confirm this area, however, and it may differ significantly between individuals even when this research is done.

Cell Protection

One of the major long-term effects of drinking alcohol, particularly binge drinking, is damage to cells – not just in the brain, but throughout the body. This damage often causes things like liver disease, cancers and pancreatitis.

However, CBD may act as a neuroprotectant here. It shows significant potential to limit the cell damage of alcohol in several areas, from the brain to the liver. Again, more human research will be needed here to prove this conclusively, but the early returns are good.

Should You Mix Them?

So with all the information you have here, should you be combining CBD and alcohol regularly? For now, this really varies depending on how it affects you. Those looking to limit the after-effects of alcohol would certainly appear to have some strong evidence pointing in the direction of CBD usage for this purpose; those looking to combine them for some kind of altered mindset, on the other hand, might find more varied results. If you’re unsure about your body’s response here, the best approach would be to avoid this interaction until more research is known.

For more on the combination of alcohol and CBD, or to learn about any of our CBD products or services, speak to the staff at Koodegras for more information today.

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